Project Description

We audition and select a group of child musicians from Khayelitsha to undergo training to perform at the World’s Children’s Prize Award ceremony in Sweden in October every year. Once there, they will meet HRM Queen Silvia, perform at an international press conference in the historic Stockholm City Hall and join in several workshops with children from all over the world. Indeed, it will be a life-changing experience for them, as it has been for their predecessors over the past ten years.

Shen Winberg, founder of The Modern Rockstar Academy (MRA), is the South African Cultural Youth Ambassador for the World’s Children’s Prize. For more information about donations email

Please Donate

These talented children come from vulnerable families where it is a daily challenge to make ends meet, let alone provide the basics for an overseas trip. For this reason, we have drawn up a wish list of items they need and humbly request from you, your family and friends, any assistance you may be able to offer. We hope that you will attend the final dress rehearsal before they leave, to meet them and their families. We invite you again on 1 March 2015, when we will bring the ceremony home to the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town.

By helping these 8 child musicians, you will also be helping hundreds of other children at their schools, because we train the young musicians to become child rights ambassadors – they form clubs and with the guidance of their teachers and The Globe magazine, open up discussions that may lead to solutions for the sexual exploitation of girls in our communities.

Our Swedish partners will pay for the child musicians / ambassadors’ air tickets and carry all the costs once the children are on Swedish soil. This leaves us with the following items on the wish list:

A medium-sized suitcase and small backpack for each of 8 children.

Enough warm clothing items for one week – or vouchers to a clothing store.

Comfortable, strong shoes for 8 children.

R500 each pocket/taxi and cell phone money.

R700 each for the passports and unabridged birth certificates.

One guitar for a brilliant young player and a saxophone for another rising star.

We have a cellphone donations account xxxxx details xx where you may simply send a donation for a child by SMS while helping many more children.

Simple catering for 8 chidlren for 12 rehearsals (R50 per child per rehearsal)

If you have any ideas about how we could be more creative in fulfilling our wish list, please share this with us!