A girl who has a taste for music.

Hey, my name is Channel and I’m 14 and I love music. It is my life and like I always say life without music is not life. My biggest inspiration is Adele. She is a big help to my love of music and my grandma is my hero, she is the one who age me my talent of singing. Thank you Gran. I’m from South Africa, Pretoria, but I’ve lived in many different places, like Nigeria for nine years and Ghana for one year and South Africa for one year. My favourite band is One Direciton.

My favourite songs are Bubbly by Colby Caillet, One Way or Another One Directions version, C’mon by Kesha, Lighthouse by Elvis Blue, Whne I was your Man by Brunno Mars and Daylight beMaroon 5. Well that’s mostly me.

“Chanel is a girl with a lot of heart,. You can hear it and feel it in everything she does.”

– Shen Winberg, TMRA, 2013