Dani Perlin co-founds “American Metal Station”.

Dani Perlin is 14 years old. He was born in Russia, but now he is living in Dubai. He co-found the band called “American Metal Station”. Dani and the “AMS” released their first single on 27/02/14. His passion is to sing, play piano and to play saxophone.

Dani is creating the music since 2010. He likes rock, hip-hop and pop music. Along with this website, feel free to check out the “AMS” twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel.

Photo 2014-02-25, 10 12 04 AM

“It was such a pleasure working with Dani. Its easy when they good at what they do. I can only to hope to come back in a year and work with him again. Steady hand on the sax and piano. A great help to the band especially with his composition skills. “

– Shen Winberg
Lead Singer ShenFM, Founder of The Moder Rockstar Academy