11 year old fifi touches hearts in her latest music video

My name is fiona and i am 11 years old. i was born in Dublin (Ireland) and lived in Dubai.i am very passionate about music. i play the guitar, piano, and she sings. Recently i made a music video cover of let her go by Passenger.

It was my first time making a music video and i really enjoyed the experience. i learned and developed new skills that i will be able to in the future. Mr.Shen was an amazing teacher and helped me make my way through my difficulties and challenges. He taught me how to use new tools and develop my voice to another level. Mr.Shen was amazing and very nice he understood the challenges i was going through and never left my side till i finished.

Photo 2014-02-25, 2 17 56 PM

“Fiona is a bubble of fun in the studio and with a voice made of silver lining this little human being is just to die for. I hope for more. Its more-ish thats what it is!”

– Shen Winberg
Lead Singer ShenFM, Founder of The Moder Rockstar Academy