Hi I am Mehr Jeswani, but I go by the name Ms. Jazz. I am 13 years old and I am from India.

I have been in the modern rockstar academy for 2 years. Mordern Rockstar helps me see my improvements in years and also makes me believe that I can suceed in my musical career in life. My main passion for music is to sing. I play the clarinet in the school band for 2 years and also played the guitar for 2 years. Whenever I sing on stage I just feel like I am singing to myself and expressing my feelings to everyone else. Music is my passion as makes me feel happy and free. I have performed for many school concerts in my school. I always like pushing myself to suceed more by singing difficult songs and practice everyday. Whenever I go stage and start holding my mic, I know no ones going to stop me to try my hardest to suceed.


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