Hi, I’m Victoria Canal, singer and pianist. I am a young adult and simply a passionate musician. Though I was born with an obstacle in my way, I was and am determined to live my dream anyway. Listen to my music and find out more about me, my passion, and my perseverance.

Victoria Canal is a recording artist and performer that simply has a strong passion for music. This young adult is a very versatile musician, though she prefers singing calm music that soothes the soul. She shows her vulnerable feelings through her music, being honest in every word she sings. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she has something that stands in her way. Being born with out half an arm, this amazing girl challenged her disadvantage to do what she truly loves to do. Find out more as you listen to her music and travel with her through her experience becoming a true recording artist, performer, and overall musician.

Every artist was first an amateur.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson